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Powerful Twitter Client for Desktop

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Early Version

  • Mac OS X Support
  • Viewing Multiple Timelines as a Single Timeline
  • Viewing User Event (e.g. liked, followed)
  • Support for Multiple Twitter Accounts
  • Streaming Home and Search Timeline
  • Notifications
  • Uploading Images or Animated Gif
  • Using your own API Key
  • No Ads

Some of the planned additional features

  • Windows Support
  • Linux Support
  • Direct Messages
  • More Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Timeline Filter
  • Lists Streaming
  • Autocompletion
  • Add/Edit/Subscribe to Lists
  • Save Searches
  • UI Themes
  • Tweet Drafts

It's Designed for Using Many Accounts and Lists.

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Mixed Timeline

Tweetman has the feature of viewing multiple Timelines as a single Timeline. Different accounts and many lists, it's possible to unite.

All lists of accounts and searches are placed on a one list.

Like chat applications, all Timelines are listed on the side bar.